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Background and Origins of IRIS

Different, in order to learn together

The IRIS Institute on Sustainability originated from the desire expressed by some scholars to create a research environment in which different disciplinary specialists could enrich their competences and share reflections on themes and issues of sustainability, through dialogue and integration of different disciplinary approaches.
In this regard, IRIS reflected the growing interdisciplinary trend at an International level of tackling the study of complex and dynamic systems by means of a holistic approach to problems (Nature 25 jan 2007, page 340).

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The firm idea of being able to learn thanks to the contributions of disciplines different from one’s own and with a view of acquiring both multi and trans-disciplinary competences was the driving force behind the origins and development of IRIS.
The work of IRIS has developed over time through interdisciplinary, empirical research conducted by its members; through the creation of educational activities on the theme of sustainability and the organisation of seminars and workshops for mutual learning. Publications have been produced and made available to disseminate the experiences and research undertaken by IRIS members.

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The development of IRIS through its researchers


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